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BMIM believes in learning and ensures that all students have the drive for excellence. Focus is on interactive learning through case studies, group discussions, seminars and other related activities. These tools serve as effective instruments to sharpen decision making, leadership, team building and analytical skills of the students. Faculty at BMIM strives to impart and nurture outstanding performance. Emphasis is on building strong leadership, positive attitude and ethical behaviour so as to equip an individual to boldly face challenges of the future. Apart from the summer internship programme, live projects are assigned for almost every subject providing ample opportunity for the student to have industrial experience. The whole curricular and extracurricular activities are so designed as to produce leaders with a holistic perspective who are practical in their approach with sound conceptual clarity and understanding of business intricacies. While preparing the students for the rigours of the competitive world, BMIM never loses sight of the need to continually reinforce values such as fair play, integrity and respect for dissent.
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