An organizational study for students provide them an opportunity to gain an insight into the way an organization works. Students can use the internship to see professionals on actual work setting, interact with them, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, or gain credits for their academic program. The organizations which provided organizational study opportunity for our students.


Industry internships are perfect platform for students to apply the classroom learnings in industry settings. The T&P coordinates with the partnering organizations and generates suitable internship opportunities for the students. The organizations turn up with their requirements and discuss with the T&P about internship opportunities for prospective interns. The T&P division is committed to generating opportunities for Summer Internship for all MBA students of the institute. The following industries provided summer internship training for our students.


BMIM organizes field visit and Industry visit for our students on every semester. These visits are to manufacturing companies or places of professional relevance to the students that will contribute to the overall personal and professional development of the students. The senior managers of the firm address our students in their settings and brief them about their operations, systems and management strategies.

Tutorial System

We encourage very close relationship between the staff and students. We recognize that every student has their own academic problems in one or other subject and mood swings based on his personal or family problems. Tutorial system visualizes to understand such problems and provide them required support and academic assistance so that they are regular in their class and perform better in their curricular and extracurricular activities. Towards achieving this goal a group of students are put under the personal supervision of each faculty member handling a course in the class. The tutor acts as a personal guide and counsellor to the student. This help the faculty to be more responsible to their own students.


BMIM offers a unique experiential learning opportunity to students by inviting CEO of top Indian and Multinational Companies on campus to interact with them. Students understand the work culture and work ethos of good companies through such interactions. They get enough cues about the values, integrity and commitment in professional and personal lives of a CEO. They share stories about problems that they had encountered and the strategies and tactics they have used to successfully overcome all those issues. Aspiration level of students goes up leaps and bounds due to the inspiration given by successful corporate leaders


A decade after inception of BMIM we consider that it is time to emerge as a knowledge resource division catering to the needs of managers and executives at all levels drawn from the corporate, government and public sectors. The objective of our MDPs will be to provide the participants an excellent opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with the experienced faculty and fellow participant's newer insights and help crystallize the concepts for better decision making. It also facilitates business executives to explore new frontiers of knowledge, sharpen their skills and help their organizations to achieve newer heights.