Anti-ragging Cell

Consisting of staff members from all departments this cell ensures the smooth assimilation of the freshers into the college community. The anti-ragging squad is a core group of the cell which acts as a task force.

  • 01

    Name of the Institution :


  • 02

    Address :

    Bharata Mata Institute of Management BMC Campus Seaport Airport Road , Thrikkakara, Cochin-21

  • 03

    Name And Address of the affiliating University :

    M.G. University

  • 04

    Name and address of DTE or any other related state Govt. Office :

    Directorate of higher education Secretariat Annexe, Trivandrum

  • 05

    Date of constitution of anti ragging committee :


  • 06

    Contact details of in-charge :

    Prof. (Dr)  B. Hareendran,  Bharata Mata College Seaport Airport Road Thrikkakara, Cochin-21 Ph: 0484-2423626 Email :

  • 07

    Date of constitution of anti ragging squad :


  • 08

    Number of surprise raid conducted by squad :


  • 09

    Number of ragging incidents reported :


  • 10

    Action taken on reported ragging cases :


  • 11

    Number of monitoring cell constituted :


  • 12

    Incorporation of direction as provisioned under clause 11(a) of the regulation in the prospectus/ advertisement issued for admission :

    "Ragging is a very serious criminal offence under kerala ragging prohibition Act 1998 and is punishable with 2 years imprisonment along with a penalty of Rs.10000/-. Such students will be expelled from the institution and they shall not be given admission to any other educational institution for a period of 3 years from the date of expulsion.( Kerala Ragging Prohibition Act 1998 )"

  • 13

    Receipt of affidavits from the student and parent as envisaged under the regulation :

    We have received all affidavit duly signed by parents and students