Managing Director's Message

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter DruckerManagement education in 21st Century ought to reflect a level of preparedness that would stand equal to the challenges being faced by the contemporary Society, Polity, Economy and Business. The VUCA(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment places a tough demand on Business Schools across the Globe. Holistic development of intellectual faculty with contemporaneous changes in paradigms for learning can best insure the students against unforeseen contingencies in future.Bharata Mata Institute of Management occupies pivotal position in the management education in the country BMIM has carved a spectacular record for itself due to the fact all the 11 batch of students today occupy coveted positions in various organizations. This resplendence has been achieved by the excellent imparting of academic and non- academic brilliance to the students by highly dedicated faculty members duly supported by the management.

Hemmed in on all sides by a picturesque township, renowned for its proximity to the industrial hub of Kerala and duly backed by the prestigious Smart city and Sea port- Air port road, BMIM provides the best ambience for nurturing and nourishing entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Poised as we are on the thresh hold of 4th Industrial Revolution of technological explosion, we are very much aware of the fact that corporate world of today requires dynamic leadership lifting a man’s mission to higher sights, his performance to higher standards and his personality beyond its normal limitations.

We strive to achieve this through academic rigor, excellent industry interface, highly enriching talk by CEO’s and top-notch management professionals from the industry, training in EQ, NLP,TA, Group Dynamics, Team building , Project preparation on the emerging areas in the Industry, Yoga training etc. with the help of highly committed faculty hailing from premier management institute in the country and abroad.

It deserves special mention that BMIM has a vibrant and unique Students’ enrichment programme (SEP) for their wholesome development. Everyday two hours are devoted for this which includes Book Review, News Paper review , Quizzes , Case studies ,Company Presentations, Debates, Extempore Just a minute ,GD, Mock Interview, Styles of leadership of global companies,Corporate show, Discussion of cotemporary News …etc.

Moulding students in the crucibles of the above mentioned parameters generate self confidence , creativity , leadership skill, best human resource practices, marketing acumen with sharp financial insights, Innovative habits and inquisitive mind paving the way for grooming them in to effective and efficient entrepreneurs.

“Good business leaders , Create a vision, Articulate the vision , Passionately own the vision , And relentlessly drive it to completion” - Jack_welch

Welcome to Bharata Mata Institute of Management , where you will be groomed and coached to be a person with highly competitive entrepreneurial leadership for the 21st Century Management.