Extra-Curricular Activities


FINVEST is the Finance and Investments Club at Bharata Mata Institute of Management. The objectives of the club include providing a platform for all the Finance enthusiasts to be a part of the club initiatives and promoting finance as a career option among the student community. FINVEST collaborates with both the corporate and academia from the financial sector to provide a platform for students to improve their analytical thinking abilities and to sharpen their knowledge in Finance

FINVEST conducts various intra-college competitions in the field of investment banking and equity research, which gives the students an opportunity to test their financial expertise and prepares them for the real world. The Finance game in X’lencia, the Annual Management Fest which attracts participants from the best colleges in India is conducted by members of Finvest to demonstrate the financial prowess and knowledge of our students.


Faculty co-ordinator

Mr. Jijo Saji

Student co-ordinator

Ms.Mary Deepthi

Student co-ordinator


BMIM firmly believe that sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such Bazaar, the Marketing club strives to create opportunities for members to learn by doing. The year round programmes that the club organizes include guest lecture series, live projects, workshops, intra and inter college competitions, product launch and the like. It helps the budding marketers to express their creativity, updating knowledge of marketing by keeping abreast with the latest in the marketing world. The club provides immense opportunities to the members to interact with key people from the industry and professionals, allowing the students to understand, explore and link the theory with the practical The Club attempts to provide career guidance via distinguished guest speakers, on-the-job internship programs, and by functioning as a personal career-oriented liaison between club members and the industry. Further, the Marketing Club serves as a two-way conduit of information existing between its members and the industry. This type of communication alerts club members to the realities and importance of "networking" and helps them begin to develop their skills in this area.

Prof. Rajmohan Kadavil

Faculty co-ordinator

Mr. Roopesh Gopi

Student co-ordinator

Ms.Cismy Joseph

Student co-ordinator


JYOTHI is the pioneer club of Human Resources at BMIM established for the overall development and understanding of HR among students.HR club holds events all through the year to enable it’s members to gain insights into the latest happenings in the field of HR. The plethora of activities ranging from seminar, conferences, debates to quiz, games are regularly organized to enhance the relevant and essential skills required to develop successful HR professional for the corporate world. The regular events that Jyothi organizes are

Colloquium: In house Seminars

GyanKosh: Special lecture series by corporate resource persons

HR Datum: Research Paper presentation

HR Quiz

Declamation: Debate


Vishleshan: Case study competitions

Prof. Susan.K.Mathew

Faculty co-ordinator

Mr. Fayis Sharafudin

Student co-ordinator

Ms.Sangeetha Mampilly

Student co-ordinator