We offer full-time MBA Programme of Mahatma Gandhi University. The Scheme of this course enables the candidates to acquireconceptual, technical and human skills to meet the requirements of industry, business andsociety. It enables the candidates to acquire knowledge, skills, and strategic perspectivesessential for business leadership. The MBA Programme consists of 29 courses, an Organization Study and a project work. At the end of the first year and second year a student has to undergo comprehensive subject viva-voce also. All theorycourses carries 100 marks each, out of which 40 marks for continual evaluation and 60marks for comprehensive evaluation by University. The first and second semester courses carry 800 and 900 marks respectively. The third and fourth semesters courses have 900 and 700 marks, thus the total marks for the MBA Programme is 3300.


This two year course is spread over four semesters. All semesters are of 20 weeks duration out of which 16 instructional weeksare provided for class work. Theremaining 4 weeks are intended for examinations and other extracurricular activities.


There are 23 core courses for the MBA Programme which comprises of 19 core subjects,Organization Study, 1 Project Work and 2 Viva voce. The first and second semesters have16 core subjects and one comprehensive Viva voce of first and second semesters together.The third semester has 2 core subjects,6 elective courses (3 courses each from 2 functional areas) and an Organizations Study. The final semesterhave 1 core subject, 4 elective courses (2 courses each from 2 functional areas),summer placement project and a comprehensive viva voce.All Core courses are compulsory. As we offer duel specialization students are required to select 5 elective courses each from 2 functional areas of their choice.