MBA Finance

MBA Finance

M B A with Finance specialization provides our graduates all the expertise needed for successful careers in financial management, corporate finance, investments, controlling, as well as strategic consulting or advisory in the big professionalized firms. It gives students both a broad exposure on financial management and a sound technical foundation to ensure their capability to create value in the workplace. Our students learn to evaluate major strategic corporate and investment decisions and to understand capital markets and institutions from a financial perspective.
MBA Finance specialization @ BMIM begins with core conceptual papers in Management in the first two semesters and a functional core course in Financial Management. The electives are offered in the third and fourth semesters with a summer internship in a corporate house at the end of the second semester and a problem oriented dissertation project in the final semester. They are required to choose two elective courses each in third and fourth semesters from the list of elective courses in Finance listed below

Code Subject Semester
MB80 03/01 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Third
MB80 03/02 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Third
MB80 03/03 Management of Banks and Financial Institutions Third
MB80 03/04 Corporate Taxation Third
MB80 03/05 Project Risk Evaluation and Management Third
MB80 04/06 Behavioural Finance Fourth
MB80 04/0407 International Finance and Forex Management Fourth
MB80 04/0408 Management of Financial Services Fourth
MB80 04/0409 Rural Economy and Micro Finance Fourth
MB80 04/0410 Strategic Financial Management Fourth


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