Invitations along with the recruitment brochure and Recruitment Notice are sent to recruiters. After receiving the filled Recruitment Notice, the pre placement talk dates are finalized in consultation with the company. The relevant information is then passed onto the students.The dates are allotted to companies on First come First serve basis and as per the schedule of student’s examinations and academic activities.

Companies are requested to inform us the following:

  • Compensation Package
  • Company Profile
  • Career Prospects

The company is given right to use student details according to company requirements. After the recruitment procedure on the allotted date, the companies announce the list of selected students to the Placement Cell. Companies are requested to provide the list of selected students to the Placement Cell preferably on the same day.


Right the time when a student join BMIM the institute tries to study the individual aspirations and the aptitude of each student. We invite senior professionals from industry with a passion to contribute towards development of students. They are experts with a minimum of 15 years of work experience, excellent academic and professional skills and are currently in leadership positions across their organizations. These committed and seasoned industry professional from various domains embark upon orienting them to the actual operations and manpower requirement of different industries. They tell them the realistic expectations of industry from young managers and how they should go about developing the required knowledge and skill.

Profile Discussion And Personalized Counseling

Each student in the campus goes through a personalized profile discussion, assessment and counseling session with the outside experts. This enables the student to assess his strengths, weaknesses and improvement areas well in time before he begins his journey as a professional.
The CV is your advertisement to the prospective employer convincing him that you are the right candidate that he is looking for. Projecting the self properly is important for each student to get noticed by the prospective employer and convince them that you are the candidates that best fit with the job-role and organization.

Aptitude & Placement Training

The Training & Placement Division of BMIM supports the students in shaping and managing their careers by building key ingredients required for a student to be a complete professional. We provide training on numerical ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation and problem solving helping organizations reach the right candidates and helping students identify development areas much in advance. These skills not only improve the chances of placements for students/ graduates but also help in developing professional attributes for continuing and growing in the job. These are the skills, attitudes and actions that enable professionals to get along with their fellow workers, reporting managers/ supervisors and to take informed decisions at crucial times.

Pre-placement Talks

The pre-placement talks are presentations organized by a prospective employer on the college campus. Over the years, they have become the primary forums for company-student interaction. These talks give the student a chance to learn more about the company, the work and the work culture. The students can also learn about the opportunities for growth, learning and advancement that the company offers. They can also form a first-hand impression of about the company and can make an informed decision about applying for the placements.

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